Frank Lloyd Wright Darwin D. Martin House Architecture Building Brick Set

Item# TAB03

The Frank Lloyd Wright Darwin D. Martin House Architecture Building Brick Set uses a 3/4 scale mini brick. The Atom Brick set highlights the Prairie Style design of the home and its site, allowing the builder to understand the total layout of the house and highlights features unique to the property including the “T” shaped floor plan and extensive art glass windows. Built Dimensions: W: 14.5”. L: 10.5”. H: 3”. Pieces: 1961. 

Frank Lloyd Wright’s Darwin D. Martin House was built between 1903 and 1905 in the historic Parkside neighborhood of Buffalo, New York. This important Prairie School Home built for businessman Darwin D. Martin and was referred to as “the opus” by Wright himself. Prominent rectilinear lines of the architecture hug close to the prairie landscape. These hard edges are softened by the ground’s considerable gardens and plantings woven throughout property. Adam Reed Tucker, LEGO Master Builder and the founder of The Atom Brick believes that this 3/4 scale brick (the mini brick) is an ideal size to realize projects with a balance of dimension, design, and detail.

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