ystudio Ballpoint Pen Brassing


The Brassing Ballpoint Pen is a luxury pen that utilizes cast brass and copper with a black surface coating to create a contemporary design influenced by both past and present. Li Yiao and Yanko, the Taiwanese duo behind ystudio, produce timeless designs inspired by traditional Taiwanese design and  craftsmanship, and Taiwanese artisan culture. Users have the option to create a personalized brassing effect by removing paint on the surface with the enclosed extra fine 660 grit sandpaper, creating an immediate distinctive personal product (or just let time take its natural course). Material: brass with copper fittings and black coating designed to be worn away with use and time. Push and twist spring mechanism. Dimensions: 5.43" x 0.37" x 0.37" (13.8 x 0.95 x 0.95cm)

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